First off: yes, that’s my real last name. That’s usually the first question people ask me, especially here in the islands where lots of people adopt a chosen “island name” for themselves. Now if I WERE to chose an “island name” I’d change my first name to ‘Joy’ or ‘Infinite’, ha!

I spent my seminal childhood years on a plum and walnut farm in northern California, while my adult life as a designer and artist took place in the big cities of New York, San Francisco and Portland OR. In 2012 I sold most everything I owned and bought a van, embarking on a year-long self-imposed west coast sabbatical to reconnect with the slower natural pace and living things I knew and adored as a child. That sabbatical year has stretched into a new life chapter – I’ve been living, working, traveling and exploring amongst the Salish Sea islands of Canada and Washington State ever since.

Modern nomad of the Salish Sea

I am not able to work in my studio creating art year-round. Out of financial necessity, I take on other types of work as well. Sometimes these jobs relate directly to my ongoing bioregional studies, other times I am doing work to help others in my island community. These jobs allow me the breathing room to create the art work I feel most compelled to do, while also constraining the time in which I have to create it.

I relish the spring and summer months working with other community members and our seasonal visitors. For several years my primary summer work was naturalist and deckhand aboard M/V Odyssey in Friday Harbor on San Juan island. These days, you can find me at the Bellingham Farmer’s market every summer Saturday. Summer is my season for socializing and sharing what I’ve learned about the natural world here in Cascadia and encouraging visitors to explore and learn about the natural world that surrounds them wherever they live.

Gentle adventures in art & nature

I equally relish big blocks of time in the winter to draw, paint, think, explore. I satisfy my nomadic nature by holing up in various borrowed off-grid cabins on small islands, preferably with wild animals and semi-feral people for neighbors, mentors and muses. These are the months for hibernation, quiet reflection, close observations of discreet moments in nature, art making, sleeping, reading, cooking, stoking wood stove fires, hiking and kayaking in the rain. Sometimes in my PJs.

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Support for localized, resilient communities & organizations

Your purchase has purpose! When you purchase my artwork or wares, know that you are supporting my ongoing studies and work, my island community, and local/national/international environmental and social justice organizations. I share at least 10% of my earnings each year (more when I can spare it) with individuals and organizations doing restoration work. If you don’t have a need for art wares but would still like to support me & my community, you can make a direct donation via Venmo or Paypal. Thank you!

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